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December 2014
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Rich London teaches us that, despite all the challenges you will face in your life, you control your attitude. He does this by holding onto the belief that no matter how difficult the circumstance, cancer, parkinson's or a car accident, your suffering is temporary. 

Parkinsons | Inspiration | Health | Wisdom

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Kevin Rose has a pretty out-of-the-box approach when it comes to treating patients. Trained as a Massage Therapist, Kevin developed a keen ability to focus his senses. Listen and learn how his experience working wolves led to a fantastic discovery about how to calm down in any stressful situation. 

Inspiration | Health | Wisdom | Healthcare | Providers | Massage Therapist | Senses | Stress

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What is addiction? What causes it? How do we stop it? Candace Plattor suffered through these questions as an addict for many years. But now, years removed from her addiction, she wants to help. 

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In honor of Veterans Day, Kevin Q Leverence addresses PTSD and its affect on his life and the lives of many veterans. He tells us his story from combat, and teaches us how we can better help our troops when they return home. 

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Lisa Lynn is one driven woman. Being in the fitness industry for as long as she can remember, she never expected to get sick. Once she was diagnosed with Melanoma, she had to rethink many aspects of her life. Here is her story. 

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For Breast Cancer Awareness month, Katherine Stephens talks about her experience and how she was able to use a unique and authentic outlook to overcome some challenging emotional hurtles. Awareness, Attitude and Acceptance.

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Tina's story is a supreme example of how the heart can heal, and how even in the most extreme circumstances, forgiveness can change a person for the better. After barely surviving child birth, Tina found out how the drug Cytotec was responsible for the death of her baby. This is her story. 

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Olga Lucia Torres has battled a number of different medical challenges, everything from her asthma to diabetes insipidis. She was even poisoned by a hospital put into a coma! But she found a way of overcoming these challenges through forgiveness. She is now taking her experience to the field of narrative medicine.

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Jim talks about the logo, and perspective. 

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Jim Roach is a unique sort of provider. He has been combining traditional and alternative medicine for years now, and has unbelievable insight on causes and remedies for all sorts of medical challenges. Today, we talked about how a near death experience can totally change the quality of your life.

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The landscape of Healthcare is changing. Here is a small test to make sure your Doctor is the type of person that will collaborate with you. Who knows, it could save your life.

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In this short, Jim tells his story about the time he threw all caution to the Wind and decided to go climb a mountain in between Chemo sessions. Ill advised? Probably, but he learned an important lesson. 

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Letha has a truly profound story. After being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer she went through a spiritual journey that has led to her survival, and a calling to a greater purpose.  Letha’s story is one you have to hear to believe.


Inspiration | Health | Wisdom | Ovarian Cancer | Faith | Healthcare |  

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Karen Wells is a caregiver, in every since of the word. She has helped bother her mother and her father through their old age, and done so with grace. Karen Wells and Niki Barr discuss the things that make Caregiving so meaningful, but also difficult at times. 


Inspiration | Health | Wisdom | Healthcare | Caregiving | Niki Barr | Karen Wells 

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Kiran and Jim discuss how the quality of care can hinge on your attitude towards your care. Being calm and positive can greatly increase the chances of your condition improving. They also discuss the difference between focus and awareness, and how one can hinder detract from the other. 


Inspiration | Health | Wisdom | Healthcare | Stress | Stress Free | Providers 

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Stephanie Zimmerman has been through a lot. Being diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma at a young age, she didn't quite understand how it could effect her in the long term. Later in life she needed a heart transplant because of her treatment as a child. Her story is powerful, and a testament to how the support of friends and family, and the uplifting thoughts written on note cards, can make a big difference. 


Inspiration | Health | Wisdom | Ewing's Sarcoma | Heart Transplant

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Jim interviews Kaitlin and Ryan Barry in a candid interview about their experience with Cystic Fibrosis. Their faith and humility is inspiring at such a young age. Listen to how they have dealt with their disease, and what they recommend for others. 


Inspiration | Health | Wisdom | Faith | Healthcare | Cystic Fibrosis | 

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Jennifer Warden has struggled with her health and the health of her family since a very young age. After the early passing of her brother, Jennifer would soon find out that she too had the same cancer that took her brothers life, and would have to go through the same procedure. Listen to how she ended up using balanced nutrition to battle her way through her health issues. 


Inspiration | Wisdom | Health | Healthcare | Nutrition | Hodgkin's Lymphoma 

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Jim has competed in marathons, triathalons and many other types of high endurance sports; however, his most predigious award will be for how he almost drowned in a toilet on Capitol Hill. 

Inspiration | Health | Wisdom | Healthcare | Shorts | Jim Skinner | 

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Born a premature twin with pneumonia, Sheri Dolle, didn't have the biggest head start from birth. Later she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and was told she would never walk, while she watched her twin sister run and play. But Sheri didn't fret. She looked at it as a challenge. With her determination and the coaching of her mother, Sheri was able to overcome any obstacle that stood in her way. And now she brings that healing practice to her proffessional life as a massage therapist. 


Inspiration | Wisdom | Health | Healthcare | Cerebral Palsy | Massage | Discipline 

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We are introducing a new type of show. Not only do we want the opinions and experiences of the patients, but we also want the insight of the healthcare providers. In this Provider Podcast, Jim interviews Tess Coody, the CEO of Resolute Health Hospital in New Braunfels Tx. Her insight into the healthcare system is extremely valuable, as she talks about where the industry is, where its going, and what you should do about it to be prepared. Jim and Tess' candid discussion about healthcare is a must listen. 

Inspiration | Health | Wisdom | Healthcare | Resolute Health Hospital | Tess Coody

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Niki Barr interviews Sheri Hendricks, a survivor of Meningioma and a cancer navigator and coach. Listen to Sheri's insight on trusting yourself, and how she was able to keep her cool even after she realized that the very treatment that was supposed to save her life, may have put it at an even greater risk. 

Inspiration | Health | Wisdom | Healthcare | Meningioma | Cancer Coach | Trust 

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The premier storytelling coach, Geoffrey Berwind, teams up with professional listener and psychotherapist Niki Barr in a series kickoff show. Jim, Niki, and Geoffrey talk about their experiences going through and talking with people in crisis, and we get a very special story from Geoffrey. 

Inspiration | Wisdom | Health | Healthcare | Testicular Cancer | Stories 

You can find Geoffrey at

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The Veraza's are an inspiring group. Both Rafa's, recount an powerful tail of how they met an atypical 6 year old boy in need of a heart. Within 30 days they raised a million dollars. Their story is a powerful one, and their Altruism is an inspiration to us all.


  • Translplants for Children Foundation - San Antonio Tx. 
  • Methodist Children's Hospital - San Antonio Tx.
  • Arkansas Children's Hospital - Little Rock 
  • Mexican President Vicente Fox
  • Rafa Veraza
  • Rafa Veraza Jr. 
  • Adrian Saucedo
  • Lisette Saucedo



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A truely unique story about how Donald Rutledge met death. A vision so vivid that it dictated the course of the rest of his life. Listen to see how he faced his cancer, Leiomyosarcoma, and how the power of prayer rippled throughout his life. 

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Yvonne Sanchez has gone through hell and back. Her son, Diego, was born with a condition that remains only partly understood. He suffers from violent, potentially life threatening seizures regularly. Listen to what Yvonne and her husband did to make the system work for them, and save their son's life! 


Inspiration | Health | Wisdom | Healthcare | Courage

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It may sound strange, but in this story, the only way to protect my manhood, literally, was to lose all my dignity. A humorous story about going through surgery, and the things you have to do to get through it. 


Inspiration | Wisdom | Health | Healthcare | Stories | Pantyhose | Humor | Surgery

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Lori Owens is a very unique lady. Despite being diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, she managed to keep a positive attitude and change the lives of the people around her. Using her unbelievable capacity for compassion, she helped others even when she was in her darkest hours.

Leukemia | Inspiration | Health | Wisdom | Kindness

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"Thats Not Good Enough" 

Listen how, Gloria Whelan, and incredibly smart and persistent woman learns to integrate alternative and traditional medicine to battle her Auto-Immune disorder.

Inspiration | Wisdom | Health | Healthcare | Arthritis | Diet

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Jennifer Carr, although she has grown to be an expert in the industry, knew nothing of healthcare at the age of 25. Despite her best efforts, circumstance would have it that she would have her first child without any health insurance. Turns out, her first child needed quite a bit of attention. Expensive attention. Listen in and find out how Jennifer delt with an all too common situation. 


Inspiration | Health | Wisdom | Resourcefulness | Stories

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A quick story about how during a expedition to reconnect with friends and family, Jim's son, Jamie nearly killed him. Sometimes cancer and the chemo aren't the only things after your life. 

Inspiration | Wisdom | Health | Healthcare | Stories | Climbing

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A life lesson imparted from an unlikely flight coach. Just Land the Plane! A quick story about the importance of managing panic and fear. 


Inspiration | Wisdom | Health | Healthcare | Stories | Flight School | Fear | Panic

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The thing that is going to work is not always what you think it will be. Sometimes there is better treatment out there that works way better than what the doctor recommends. Here is the story about Jim's experience, and how he found out what worked. 

Inspiration | Wisdom | Health | Healthcare | Stories | Ginko Biloba | Steroids

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Despite all their schooling and expert advice, even doctors will disagree. Sometimes science is not so exact. The story about going through the decision process to recieve Gamma Knife Surgery. 

Inspiration | Wisdom | Health | Healthcare | Gamma Knife | Brain Surgery | Stories

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Sometimes the people that are running the Clinical Trial are just as oblivious as you are. A humorous story about trying to get into a exclusive Clinical Trial. 


Inspiration | Wisdom | Health | Healthcare | Clinical Trial | Stories | Humor 

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A humorous story about the reality of some support groups, and how they may not work for everyone, especially if you sitting next to the wrong guy. \

Inspiration | Wisdom | Health | Healthcare | Support Groups | Humor

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A short Vignette about Jim's experience with Chemo Brain. Its the real thing.


Inspiration | Wisdom | Health | Heathcare | Chemo

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